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I don't just review, make movies or music, I... More
My name is ShaneTheMusician aka... More
Tatted from black crochet cotton, this bracelet... More
JFrank May 17
DemoUser More
DemoUser Mar 10
No, you don’t have 3 empty albums. If you are... More
JFrank Feb 23

Events & Opportunities

Launch of this Site!
The website is up and running and ready for new users to add themselves to the site. It's a never en...
JFrank Feb 11, 10:00AM
Emerging Artists - Coast to Coast AM
On the first Sunday of each month, George Noory will play bumper music selections from emerging arti...
JFrank Mar 6
Groundhog Day!
Add any event from an art exhibition, farmer's market, gig, craft sale, audition, film premier, vide...
DemoUser Feb 2 '19
Lonely Oak Radio - Submit your music!
Upload your music to the site to get some airplay. This is especially awesome for indie artists tryi...
JFrank Apr 29 '23
Trend City Radio - Music Submissions
Trend City Radio offers Indie Artists the ability to be heard and connect with their fans around the...
JFrank May 15 '23

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