Echoes From Ashes is an emerging rock band formed in late 2017. Originally a four piece band comprised of vocalist Matt Kelly, guitarist Mike Wallis, drummer Dan Thorne, and bassist Dan Stefl. March 31st 2018 would see the addition of Sean Dolan on drums, bringing Dan Thorne back to his intended spot of rhythm guitar. After recording their debut EP at “Redwood Studios,” with Michael Bivens as the engineer and producer along with bassist Dan Stefl, it took no time at all for the band to start getting some recognition. Since their first show in December of 2017 at the “Way Out Club,” their music is already being heard across many platforms. EFA’s music has been played on St. louis’ 105.7 The Point local show, 107.1, 2018 finalists for “Road to Pointfest,” and Rock Rage Radio. The Echoes seem to keep ringing, right after they drop their next EP on the 14th of April 2018, they will be opening for “Trapt” for a special acoustic show at “The Firebird.” A show that will no doubt put their versatility front and center, and shine some light on their quick climb. EFA would like to extend a special thanks to Brian Cassanover for his assistance with the engineering, production, and recording of their first single “Full Disclosure.”



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