My 1st song that mesmerized me at the young age of 4 was actually Indda Gadda Divitta by Iron Butterfly. That 17 minute song created my passion for most all of the 60's music through current in all styles and influences.
I studied piano for 4 years through 3 instructors. I began drums beforehand at the age of 8 playing on cheap plastic childrens drum kits and went through rolls and rolls of duct tape for the drum heads, until I got my 1st trap kit, which was a double bass set of Ludwigs some years on.
I taught myself up to the age of 20 and then posted ads at local music shops for like minded musicians who then contacted me for several jam get togethers.
I met musicians who shared my interest in forming a local Dallas area band. This was around the age of 25.
We played the local Dallas/Ft Worth music scene with some radio airplay back in the 1990's, and went on to open for a national act, until the band dissolved in 1994. I went on a hiatus after that point and was a family man for the next several years.
In 2004 I re emerged back into the local scene and went on to play another 6 years or so.
I still keep my passion for music and have since went solo with today's technology at my helm. I hope to inspire and touch fellow artists and hopefully fans in my future.
Music in truly universal and meant to inspire others. Enjoy~

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