Why this website?
This all started as a conversation one evening about how indie creators of music and books can't really get a foothold in promoting their stuff on the web. The next thought was why not approach this from generating a powerful collective instead of each of us struggling alone. And what if the focus on the platform was to help the artists, not to make the website money. And the response was this website.

But why call it The Happy Cabbage? It's an “olde tyme” term referring to extra spending money. I'm sure we could all use a little more of that! It's also catchy and makes for a great mascot, don't you think?

For the record, I built the site with an idea in mind of what features I would like to have, what made sense to me and what I had to work with. I know that my vision will change, and as such, so will this site. I know that you as a user will request and influence those changes. I imagine features will disappear and others will be added over the course of time (it's already happened and it's only been a month)! I'm excited to see what The Happy Cabbage will morph into as time passes.

Yes, this site is completely free and will always be. It is ad supported to help offset the cost of running it and you can donate if you choose. Free for you doesn't mean it doesn't cost money to run. Hosting isn't free and covering the costs would be nice. So far, I've put in about $500 for the basics to get it up and running. I don't want to even tell you about the hours it took. But rest assured, I have a huge nerdy streak and enjoy doing this kind of stuff.

And with that no-cost-to-you thing, I also make no promises about functionality. I am one person running this, and my time and skills are limited. Please, be understanding. Also, I am on here as a creator too. I create my own art, yes knitting and crochet is an art, and the better this site does, the better I will do. And yes, the better you will do too. If we all pull our creative genius together and ability to use social media to the fullest, we can make this thing fly. Ever try to market and promote your own website, YouTube channel, Instagram account, blog? Ya... If we pool our resources, the better we all do.

If you like the idea of this website, please join me. If you don't, you're more than welcome to move on. Hell! Start another site like this one. I really don't care. I'll add my stuff to your site too ;-)

Thanks for reading,


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How to use this site...

One of the most important things you can do is have a presence on the internet. That's all well and good, but you need to be found. This website can help with that.

Here, you can put everything that you create in one spot and connect directly to your fans, followers, potential customers and collaborators in one convenient place. Everyone is given a unique page with their username they create. Why does this matter? Instead of providing links to every site you're on like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, Etsy...you can give one link, this one, and your fans can find your content that's strewn about the web. You can use your unique link anywhere to direct web traffic to your profile page with all your stuff. And only your stuff.

Everything you upload to the site can be found in your profile. Photos operate in a way similar to other photo sharing sites (use of hashtags & comments) but links are clickable. You can add ANY link from ANY outside source to your photos! Go to the page you want to link to, copy the URL and paste it in the description. Can't get much easier than that.

If you embed a YouTube video in the video section, it automatically gets added to your profile in the video section and on the main page. You can add photos, upcoming events, and music in a similar way with the same result. They post in the appropriate section on your profile and the main page. Posts in the More Cool Stuff, Chit Chat and FAQ appear on the main page Forum section. The most active topics with the latest comments appear at the top.

This site is designed to award participation & quality and not rely on popularity. It's an even playing field for everyone. Compelling photos of your work, well written and insightful forum topics and engaging videos will garner the most attention and generate ratings and comments. Every section is searchable so make sure to title and describe your uploads in detail (and tag your videos).

The site is free for you to use as you see fit. The only thing is no adult content, hate speech, or anything that would be deemed illegal including, but not limited to, child pornography, drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling, selling tobacco/weapons, etc. Other than that, anything else goes. And as the sole proprietor, I reserve the right to remove any post or user I deem offensive. This website isn't a democracy but more of a friendly dictatorship.

Please note that posts made in any group don't show up in any public newsfeed. Groups by design are regarded as more private exchanges meant for those in the group ONLY.

If you want to get really nerdy about why you should use this site, creating quality links to your content on the web helps with your SEO; the ability for you to be found on the web. So even if you never contribute past a basic profile with some links, you're still helping yourself.

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How to collect donations through PayPal.

Request support from your fans and followers through a www.paypal.me account. If you are giving away your creations for free like YouTube videos, music, photos, books, and the like, why not ask for a little support to help fund your hard work. FYI - You can add that link anywhere, not just this website. You can just as easily add it to your blog or website too!!

One place that I recommend you put it is in the box beneath your avatar. If you are doing a crowdfunding project, you can add it there too. The money goes directly to your PayPal account and this website is not involved.

See what I did with mine here...www.thehappycabbage.com/user/JFrank

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Share this Site!!

This is what is going to make or break this website for all of us. Sharing!!!! Talk about this site with fellow creators and get them to join. Post links to your groups, events, audio, etc. on social media. Talk about the site in forums, groups, your blog, Facebook, Instagram and anywhere else you think others may be interested.

Sometimes the share buttons provided don't call up the pictures or descriptions that are with the post. Things like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc. all have different ways they automatically go through the site and figure out what information to post with the link. Many times you can edit this manually if it's not showing up the way you like. Copy the URL of thehappycabbage.com page you want and paste it on Twitter, Facebook, etc post you're generating. This will usually work better than the auto-share links.

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Specific examples for creators use this site.

Latest blog post finally done? Post a link to it, complete with photos, in the SELL 'N CHAT section to get folks to visit. This posts it on the main page and in your profile.

Give updates on your latest art instalment, complete with photos on the progress. Create an EVENT for when the opening is scheduled to take place.

Posted your band's latest song on SoundCloud? Give us the link. Better yet, add it to the AUDIO section on this site.

Finally got that book of yours self-published? Link to your new book on Barnes & Noble, Amazon and iBooks. Better yet, give all these links in the description and sell it through the FOR SALE & SERVICES section.

Uploaded the latest episode in your ghost hunting video series on YouTube? Embed it in our VIDEO section. It'll appear in your profile and the main page in the newsfeed.

Graphic design is a competitive field. Post samples of your work in the PHOTOS section and offer your skills through the SERVICES section in For Sale & Services forum. You can embed or attach your pics to the post.

You knit up a ton of cute slippers and crocheted a bunch of pot scrubbers. The Farmer's Market is going to be held next week. Post the place, date and time of the Farmer's Market as an EVENT.

Offer guitar lessons through Skype. Offer your skills in the SERVICES section of the For Sell & Chat forum. Give testimonials from past students in the description and encourage the new students to come back and comment on the site.

I love the idea of each of us supporting the other; from patrons of the arts to artists themselves. If you're a writer, maybe you didn't know that you could buy hand knit slippers. And look! There's a pair in your size that were just listed you can buy right now!! Or you just posted an update about the animated series you're creating and whaddaya know?! A local band you never heard of, but listened to a couple of their songs on here, is playing just down the street from you tonight. That's what I think can make this site so fabulous. Never knowing who or what you may find and having it become your next favourite thing. Or even meeting people you can collaborate with for your next project. Or just become friends with and chat. The possible connections are endless.

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I need help!

If reading all of this is waaaaay too much for you or you have a specific question on how to use this site, please go to the FAQ to post your question.