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DemoUser Jun 16
With this forum topic you can add just about anything. Why would you want to bother with it? Any link to your online content helps with your SEO (search engine optimization). Basically, it helps search engines find your content and gives you a higher ranking. The likelihood that you will come up when someone does a search for specific content like a genre of music, your name, band and the like.

Below are some examples of how you can use this forum to help with that. If you would like to add a feed from Spotify (or any other music feed) you can do that here and in your profile. Click the little HTML icon next to the video icon and paste the embed code. There also needs to be a little blurb about what you're adding. Just adding embed code via the HTML icon won't work. 

You can add links to your work online, like your website, iTunes or Google Play just like this Random Album ;-) 

You could also add a video here too. We have a whole section on this site for that AND it shows up in your profile and on the front page, but hey. Whatever floats your boat. One can never create too many links.

If you save your post and you can't see the video or the feed, refresh the page. It'll show up. If the music feed still doesn't work, contact the admin here EMAIL. It'll need to be added to the permissible sites allowed to embed content. All the major ones like SoundCloud, Spotify, Bandcamp & ReverbNation have already been added.

So pretty much, you can add anything musically related to this section; no one is a stickler about content. This website is made for it's members and whatever it develops into is ok! 

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DemoUser Jun 16
Here's another one. Make sure there is more than just embed code! A quick sentence or two will suffice.

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