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Books, Tutorials & Comics
Any online publication listed on another website. You can also add the file directly to your post but be aware that doing so makes it available for FREE. Provide the link if it's a publication that's for sale.
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JFrank · Feb 10
In Crochet Flower & Friendship Bracelet Pattern
If you provide any service that someone could use (graphic design, production services, screen printing, embroidery, equipment rentals, video editing, music lessons...)
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Handmade Items
If you made it, we want to see it! Things like jewelry, purses, accessories, clothing and the like. Don't forget to add the link to where it's for sale.
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TortueCrafts · Feb 20
In TortueCrafts! Hand-Made Macrame and Plant Hangers!
Musical Instruments & Equipment
Need to get rid of your outdated gear? Try here.
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JFrank · Feb 10
In Guitar for Sale
Photos for sale or added to the public domain.
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Painting & Prints
Ooooooo. Real art to hang on your wall ;-).
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Toys, Gadgets, Games & Fun Stuff
Stuff for the kiddies, kids at heart and all the other non-essentials that you ABSOLUTELY need to have because it's so damn cool!!
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Sculpture & Glass Art
3D depictions of all sorts of things. May be breakable...
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Drawing & Illustrations
Beautiful works of art done in a variety of mediums including, but not limited to, pencil, chalk, charcoal, pastels, and digital.
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Everything Else
The unusual or what simply doesn't fit neatly into one of the other categories. If you'd like to see a new category added, you can post your concerns here Website Requests. With enough feedback, it could be possible.
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DemoUser · Mar 10
In Random topic
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Introduce Yourself!
Take a minute to say hi and tell us a little about yourself :-)
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JFrank · Feb 11
In Hey! I just joined this site.
General Chit Chat & Bull$h!t
General discussion about whatever tickles your fancy. What forum would be complete without this....
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**How to Use this Site** Topics Replies Last Reply
Tips & Tricks
General help for how to use this site.
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DemoUser · Feb 11
In How to Add a YouTube Video
Post here if you have a question about how to use this site. Maybe a more experienced member can give you a virtual hand.
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JFrank · Feb 23
In Photo album
Website Requests
Want a category added to a section? Looking for a new feature? Make your request here. If enough people feel the same way, I'll see what I can do.
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